Stanley Kunitz on Paul Celan and the Poetry of the Holocaust

Originally published in Crossroads, Fall 2003, this deeply personal and moving article affirms what Kuntiz writes: "If we want to know what it felt like to be alive at any given moment in the long odyssey of the race, it is to poetry we must run."

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Blake Butler on Mark Baumer’s MEOW

The following introductory essay by Blake Butler is reprinted from MEOW (Burnside Review Press), the posthumously published poetry collection by the writer and activist Mark Baumer. Baumer was struck and killed by an S.U.V. in January 2017 as he walked barefoot across the U.S. to raise awareness of climate change and other issues.

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“Of Looking, and Looking”: On Mary Oliver

All morning the rain has been delivering its packages to the grass, the wildflowers that in a month or two will turn the fields and roadsides of central Texas into a carnival of color. Yesterday the sun rinsed everything in a wash of wonder. When I learned that Mary had died I was sitting in a pediatrician's office, holding my week-old son in my arms. Tears stung my eyes, but I held back from weeping, embarrassed of strangers. Weeks before, when we still did not know if his mother would follow through with her adoption plan, my wife and I attended the baptism of several children at our church

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