Locket, Mater by Maya Pindyck

Winner of the 2006 PSA Chapbook Fellowship

Locket, Master
by Maya Pindyck, selected and introduced by Paul Muldoon.

Edition: 500 copies of the winning books were printed by the Prolific Group and designed by Gabriele Wilson.


Maya Pindyck's poems are notable for their wonderful combination of being at once densely packed and voluminous, like parachutes.

—Paul Muldoon


Under a quick-setting glow, he and I
swallowed seaweed washed ashore; shoved
Fucus and Codium into our mouths
instead of kissing. Rolling
a clamshell between my palms, I studied
his eyelied, then the iris:

a velvet ring.
                    a snake laced around a black apple.

With twisted zeal he declared his love
for Marine Biology, pointing
to a wooden plank covered in barnacles.

Later I climbed a rope ladder
to his attic mattress, guarded by finger puppets,
a pink camel, prickly pears … Giddy
with sheep hair and pillow flesh, I clung
despite him: already absent.

The me beneath established.

All rights reserved. Reprinted with the permission of the author.

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