Modern Camping by Tyler Flynn Dorholt

Winner of the 2013 PSA Chapbook Fellowship

Modern Camping
, by Tyler Flynn Dorholt, selected and introduced by John. Yau.

Edition: 500 Copies of the winning books were printed by Westcan Printing Group and designed by Gabriele Wilson, with art by Julianna Goodman.


It might be the cinema, both the place and the thing itself— the memory where events that haven’t happened become memories: “the first red image is a bodiless short falling from a hanger in an abandoned noon.”

—John Yau


The frozen lake—a void—for which I initial an absence. The unsound of an open, that there is duration in the space around. I drill a wonder down to the under sounds & open. A hook can only service from the release, for catch, yet remains awaiting an unknown, the whole of the not yet known. How I familiar? How infinite the space between a hook's reach & the tension of the thin line my gloved hands keep & when finely wrapped find, light in the lowering. If, in an unsound, I answer with sound, is the place, question, mature? The center of a lake in that at once outside I am. I will stay, have found something but did not find. If I leave the icehouse the hook encounters, an error.

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