Of Nectar by Amanda Turner

Winner of the 2015 PSA Chapbook Fellowship

Of Nectar by Amanda Turner, selected and introduced by A. Van Jordan

Edition: 500 copies of the winning books were printed by the Prolific Group and designed by Gabriele Wilson, with covers by Ashley Goldberg.


It’s clear that this book is original both in the connections made between subjects—from Thomas Gainsborough to Black Lives Matter, from Hirokazu Koreeda to Noh theater, from Lou Reed to Gene Kelly—and in the quotidian scenes we see into more deeply— the assertions of a four-year-old, artifacts in the window of an antiquarian book store, tea in a small black pot—and, as a result, we come through the reading knowing more about ourselves.

—A. Van Jordan

After Life

In Koreeda’s film, after death
You make a film and slip through
The screen into your eternity.
This is how you leave the earth.

Blooming wisteria, a woman
Lifting her arm from the canyon
Of her lover’s back. You do not
See the light go out.

In the Noh, a hand held
Before a face, palm open,
Means the actor is weeping: Destruction,
, is subtle.

All rights reserved. Reprinted with the permission of the author.

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