Thirst by Eva Maria Saavedra

Winner of the 2014 PSA Chapbook Fellowship

by Eva Maria Saavedra, selected and introduced by Marilyn Hacker.

Edition: 500 Copies of the winning books were printed by the Prolific Group and designed by Gabriele Wilson.


Saavedra is a poet of this moment who draws from and builds on what other poetry, of all periods, has given her. Her poetry can be read as a new voice in the poetry of the women’s movement, in which the “the personal is political” meant, as any storyteller knows, that a minute interpersonal exchange can have wide ramifications, can reflect on and cast light on things much larger than itself.

—Marilyn Hacker

After “The Japanese Footbridge at Giverny,” ca. 1922, I

Think of me as I was before,

blurred white space. How it bothered

you to look at me. Reach out in search

of a brush, though you lose your vision

as a woman loses change—through a small rip,

a surprise collection hidden within the lining of a purse.

Layer the paint, green on top of green, brown

on brown. It's like serving a loved one food,

always adding more, though they ask you not to.

Show me that this has nothing to do with sight,

that memory is enough for us.

All rights reserved. Reprinted with the permission of the author.

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