Poetry in Motion

New York

Cranes in August

Kim Addonizio
A poster featuring a colorful papercut collage by artist Xin Song depicts a perched bird amid a tree stalk and flowers. Below this is a poem by Kim Addonizio titled Cranes in August.

Cranes in August

They clutter the house,
awkwardly folded, unable
to rise. My daughter makes
and makes them, having heard
the old story: what we create
may save us. I string
a long line of them over
the window. Outside
the gray doves bring
their one vowel to the air,
the same sound
from many throats, repeated.

"Cranes in August" © 1993 by Kim Addonizio. Reprinted with permission of the author. 
Tree of Life (2012) © Xin Song, MTA NYC Transit Bay Parkway Station.
Commissioned by MTA Arts & Design.