Poetry in Motion

New York

A nap

Toi Derricotte
A poster with art by Barbara Takenaga depicts a kaleidoscopic composition of yellow, white, and navy-blue dots and lines. The poem, A nap by Toi Derricotte, is featured in yellow text.

A nap

Alone in my house
during a rainstorm
I open the back door so that the
sound comes in &
rain makes a little puddle
inside the screen  It is
early afternoon, though dark,
I lie on the bed
& put my papers down beside me  I am
light, as if there were no
blame or guilt—light
inside, heavy out—each part
of me balanced, supported.

"A nap" from “I": New & Selected Poems. Copyright © 2019. Reprinted with permission of the University of Pittsburgh Press. Forte (Quarropas) (2020) © Barbara Takenaga, MNR White Plains Station. Commissioned by MTA Arts & Design. Photo by Steven Bates.