Q & A: American Poetry

Q & A American Poetry: Sarah Gambito

I am an American poet because I was born into this particular telegraphing and this is where I choose to make a home. And I'm grateful and humbled and appalled all at once. Isn't this what it means to be at home. I'm hopeful because it seems that the borders of poetry are proving to be pliable enough to include more voices of color, experience and wisdom. This, of course, cannot happen of its own accord. For American poetry—any poetry— to remain vital/relevant, poets and the structures that support poetry must work diligently and arduously to make sure to listen to the changing voices of the world they hope to minister to. To listen and then to act. Poets in every excavated corner need books, pens, time, health insurance. Need someone to say you can and should do this. This requires an ever-present thirst for humility. I think we can do this.

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